Ceinture Complète
Belt made up of 15 make-up brushes

52,90 €

This set of 15 professional make-up brushes branded ARCANCIL Paris has been developed in collaboration with Morgane Hilgers, talented make-up artist and spokesperson for the brand

Included in the set, an explanatory leaflet gives you precious pieces of advice and unveils all the secrets to master each of the brushes, so that you can easily and effortlessly do the perfect make-up!


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Each brush is aimed at one specific application. Each shape and hair quality has been especially selected to do your make-up like a professional make-up artist.


The belt contains a complete range of 15 brushes: 1 round powder brush, 1 powder blender, 1 angled blush brush, 1 fan brush, 1 blending brush, 1 small shading brush, 1 large shading brush, 1 medium shading brush, 1 sponge applicator for eyelids, 1 eyebrow brush, 1 lips brush, 1 angled eyeliner brush, 1 thin eyeliner brush, 1 eyelash brush, 1 eyebrow and eyelash brush (2 sided).

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