Kit 6 pinceaux DO IT YOURSELF
6-brush professional set DO IT YOURSELF

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A set of six professional brushes, easy to use. It allows you to easily obtain professional makeup results thanks to the advice offered in the booklet. Particular attention has been paid to the quality of cuts and hair. The brushes are easily identifiable with the name and number on the front.

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Developed in collaboration with Morgan Hilgers, Arcancil Paris Make-up Artist, who has contributed with her valuable advice and tricks to learn how to use each brush like a pro and make-up perfectly without difficulty! Each brush is designed for a specific application.


1) The powder brush: It allows you to apply all types of powder starting with the T-zone (forehead, nose) and then expanding to the entire face. In lightly powdering the eyelids, it provides a better hold on this sensitive area where makeup tends to run too fast.
2) BEVELLED-SHAPED BLUSH BRUSH: It allows you to apply blusher from the top of the cheekbone downwards without ever going beyond the bottom of the nose and the top of the eye.
3) The small Eyelids brush: It allows you to apply the dark eyeshadow from the outer corner of the eye and stretch the colour in the crease of the eyelid. It can also be used for blending
4) The ball brush: it allowsyou to apply the dark eye shadow into the crease, to fade and blend colour.
5) The lip brush: it allows you to apply a lip contour coordinated with the lipstick. Using the brush, blend the pencil contour inwards and then take a little lipstick on the brush and place it on the lips.
6) The eyelashes and eyebrows comb: its brush side allows you to tame eyebrows. Then apply mascara and work with the comb side to bend the lashes.

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