Mascara Compact
Mascara Cake Original, patented beeswax formula

15,10 €

Launched and patented by Arcancil Paris in 1935, the Mascara Compact is making its comeback. Thanks to its exclusive formula enriched with beeswax and vitamin E, it nourishes, protects, separates and extends the lashes while leaving them supple and silky. Also developed for the eyebrows, it allows to structure its look.

Ophthalmologically tested.

5g capacity.


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Created in 1935, this compact Mascara, named Cake Mascara as well, is the original mascara that built the international brand awareness of Arcancil Paris.

1)Moisten the mascara cake with the flat brush.

2) Emulsify the cake with the flat brush to obtain a smooth cream.

3) Apply the Compact Mascara using the flat brush to cover the eyelashes, and the brush to work.

The lashes of the corner of the eye and enlarge the look.

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