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Silicone Sponge

Price €6.83
This blender allows to apply homogeneously and uniformly all your liquid or creamy complexion products thanks to its revolutionary silicone texture. Its smooth, non-porous texture does not absorb any matter and guarantees to use much less amount of makeup daily!

Pinceau Eyeliner

Price €7.42
This eyeliner brush with tapered bristles of high quality is an essential accessory for ultra precise drawing of a line along the lash line. Firm and fine, made of ultra-soft synthetic bristles, it is specially adapted to the makeup of the eye contour without irritating the eye lid. Change your...

Ceinture Complète

Price €44.08
This set of 15 professional make-up brushes branded ARCANCIL Paris has been developed in collaboration with Morgane Hilgers, talented make-up artist and spokesperson for the brand Included in the set, an explanatory leaflet gives you precious pieces of advice and unveils all the secrets to...
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