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  • How do I create an Arcancil Paris account?

    You can create your account on the home page by clicking on "Log in" button at the top right. You then click on "Subscribe." Then just fill out the form by providing personal information such as your family name, your first name and your email address (mandatory). Then you choose your confidential password that you need to validate twice. Then all you need to do is confirm your subscription by clicking the "Confirm" button.

  • I lost my password: what should I do?

    Visit the login page. This is the "Login" tab at the top right of each page. Then click on the forgot password link. You will then enter your email address and click the "Confirm". A new password will then be sent by email andthrough which you can change your current password.

  • How do I change my password?

    First of all, click on the "Login" tab at the top right of each page. Then, type your personal identifiers consisting of your email address and password. You access your account and then "Change my password". You can then enter your current password and then select and confirm your new password. Confirm your choice by clicking on "Save Changes."

  • How do I change my email address?

    Click on the "Login" tab at the top right of each page. Then, type your personal identifiers consisting of your email address and password. You access your account and "My Personal Information". You can then enter your new email address. All you need to do is confirm and validate your changes.


  • How do I find a product on the site?

    If you know the name of the product, simply type it into the search engine and click on "Search."

    If you have forgotten the product name, click the drop-down menu to the category of product. For example, if you want a mascara, click the drop-down menu the "Eyes". Subcategory "Mascara" will appear. Then click "Mascara" and all mascaras available on the site will appear.

  • How to order on the website?

    You must first add the products you wish to order to your cart. To do this, simply click the pink round button "Add to cart". Once this is done, you can see all of your shopping cart by clicking the cart icon at the top right of your page. Once you have finished shopping online, it is strongly advised to check the contents of the cart to be sure it contains all the desired products. If you have made a mistake, you can change the quantity (by typing the right amount against the product) or delete (by clicking on the cross against the product you want to delete) products in your cart. Once verified, you must validate your cart by clicking on "Confirm". You must then choose the delivery method. On our website, the only possible modes of delivery are Colissimo or Chronopost. Then, a summary of your order will appear allowing you to check and change for the last time. Finally, you must pay your order by choosing your method of payment among those accepted: Visa, Mastercard, Eurocard, Paypal or cheque.

  • What delivery method to choose?

    The site offers delivery via Colissimo or Chronopost.
    Colissimo undertakes to deliver your order within 2 working days (for shipments in Metropolitan France and Monaco only, and subject to compliance with the deadline for deposit). Your parcel is traceable, and at any moment you can track it by entering your parcel No. on www.colissimo.fr. Proof of posting is sent to you when the parcel is deposited at the post office counter. The package is submitted without signature in the mailbox of the recipient. If the mailbox cannot hold the package, everything is foreseen: a delivery notice is left. It shows the details of the post office where the package will be stored. The recipient then has a period of 15 consecutive days to go and get it. Beyond this period, the parcel is returned to the sender. Also, the service Colissimo International rapidly delivers your goods (not exceeding 30kg) abroad.

    Chronopost is committed to deliver in less than 24 hours in France. For deliveries outside France, in Europe, the Chrono Classic service delivers your shipment in 2-3 days. For the rest of the world, Chronopost Express delivers your shipments 1, 2 or 3 days in 230 destinations around the world. The item is hand-delivered against signature to the recipient and the selected address. In case of absence, the item is placed in a Chronopost relay point: a post office, agency or relay pickup. Chronopost offers different options depending on the destination and expected time of delivery: Chrono Classic and Chrono Premium services deliver slightly later (but still less than 4 days) your shipments in Europe and finally Chrono Express service book the rest of the world in less than 3 days.

  • What are the costs and delivery times?

    To know more about fees and delivery methods, you just need to enter the country of destination:

  • What payment method to use?

    Payment of shopping on the Arcancil Paris site takes place exclusively in euro and made according to 3 methods of payment:

    - Credit card: Carte Bleue, Visa, Mastercard, Eurocard.

    - Paypal: PayPal, an Ebay Group Company, is a system for fast and secure payment. To pay via this payment method, you must have a PayPal account to which the buyer can access by entering their email address and personal password.
    By choosing to pay via PayPal, the amount is debited directly to the credit card (Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard) or prepaid card (PostePay) selected. PayPal protects the privacy of the buyer for no financial data is disclosed and sends an email confirmation for each transaction made using this payment method.
    Please note that the order amount is debited from your PayPal account before processing the order.

    - Cheque: Items ordered are reserved for a period of one week (7 days) from the date of order. The order will be automatically cancelled if the cheque has not been received within the past 7 days. The cheque must be issued by a bank domiciled in France and payable to the SAS INSTITUTE CAMEANE the following address:

    Institute Caméane SAS / Arcancil Paris
    Customer Service
    23 rue des Jeuneurs
    75002 Paris

  • What is the delivery time for my order?

    Packages are shipped within 48 working hours after the order has been placed.

    Orders on monday to thursday : shipped th day after.
    Orders on friday, saturday or sunday : shipped next theusday.

    A confirmation email will be sent to you upon shipment but Institute Caméane SAS / Arcancil Paris will not be liable if the delay in delivery is the responsibility of the carrier.

  • What is sponsorship? What are the benefits?

    If you are attached to the Arcancil Paris brand and want to share your pleasure with a friend or loved one, you can decide to sponsor this person. To do this, simply move to the "Sponsorship" tab of the site and register in the box reserved for this purpose, the address of the person (s) you wish to sponsor.

    This allows you to enjoy a significant advantage: 15% discount on the total amount of your order after your first referral has placed their first order. To do this, you must enter your unique promotional code that will be credited on your account for each successful referral in the box reserved for this purpose when you place an order. This offer is valid for each of your successful referrals.
    Also, in the longer term, your friend will one day become a sponsor and also benefit from "Sponsorship" benefits. So join the Arcancil Paris community and participate in its extension.


  • How can I track my order?

    If you choose delivery via Colissimo services, it is very easy to trace and track the package. To do this, you simply go to the site www.colissimo.fr and enter your parcel number on the box reserved for this purpose on the page, "Track packages".

    If you choose delivery via Chronopost services, it is also very quick to check where your parcel is: on the homepage of the site www.chronopost.fr, enter your parcel number in the box reserved for this purpose under "Track a Shipment."

  • How to return a product?

    If you do not want your ordered products, you can return them to us but under several conditions (See Terms 7. Law and withdrawal periods).

  • How to get a refund?

    If you wish to be reimbursed for a product, you have a right of withdrawal which allows you to return the product and obtain a refund under several conditions (see Terms and Conditions 6. Law and withdrawal periods).

    In addition, we do not begin to process your order until payment of the order cashed. In the case of a stock outage, then we offer you:
    a) a refund by cheque, shipped promptly,
    b) to replace the missing product with a product of equal value
    c) issue a credit note of an equivalent amount that you can use in your next order.


  • What is the nearest Arcancil Paris point of sale to me?

    To find the point of sale nearest you, simply click on the following link:

    You can then fill the country in which you live and your zip code. Then click search. A list of stores that match the criteria you have completed appears.

  • What is the origin of Arcancil Paris?

    Arcancil Paris has always made a commitment to ensure the highest level of quality, safety and efficiency for all products and all ingredients used. That is why all our products are developed in compliance with the EU directives. Arcancil Paris formulas are subject to various testings, including dermatological, ophthalmological, SPF, ... depending on their use, in accordance with in-depth scientific protocols, both in terms of measured parameters and duration. Arcancil Paris undertakes, in accordance with European legislation, not to carry out or subcontract ANY TESTS ON ANIMALS.

    Guidelines of the European Community stipulate that if the stability of a cosmetic product exceeds 30 months, it is not mandatory to specify a date of use: this applies to all products Arcancil Paris. We also show on all our products the DURATION OF THE PRODUCT FROM THE DATE OF OPENING, expressed in months.

    Arcancil Paris is dedicated to the constant pursuit of the best possible products in terms of formulation and packaging. Almost all of our products are MADE IN EUROPE (France, Italy, Germany, ....), as indicated on the packaging. To date, only the makeup brushes and accessories are produced in Asian countries because they have a specific expertise in the field. Arcancil Paris controls with the greatest vigilance the quality of these products.

  • How do I contact customer service?

    When you need information, do not hesitate to contact customer service. You can refer to the "Customer Service" in the "General" at the bottom of the website page, or simply send an email to info@arcancil.com or contact us by phone at 01 71 19 95 92 Monday to Friday between 9.30-12.00 am and 14.00-18.00 pm.

  • How to receive the newsletter Arcancil Paris?

    If you still do not receive the newsletter Arcancil Paris, go to the home page in the space above and right click on "Receive Newsletter".